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By arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd on behalf of

Dramatists Play Service Inc New York
Australian Premiere Season
By AARON POSNER ... adapted from the novel by CHAIM POTOK

Executive Producers                       Steven Curtis

                                                              Raoul Salter

Producers                                   Amanda Rotberg

                                                       Kaytlin Petrarca

Treasurer                                       Amanda Braun

Director                                            Charles Slucki

Assistant to Director                         David Taylor

Stage Manager                                        Jon Moss

Deputy Stage Manager             Daniela Meisner

Technical Advisor                          Gabby Walters

Set Design and Construction           Chris Purtle

Lighting Design                          Rohan Thornton

Lighting Operator                                Clary Riven

Sound Operator                         Zac Eichenbaum

Costume Designer                            Juliet Bennie

Props                                          Amanda Rotberg

                                                             Chris Purtle

Make Up and Hair                              Gabbi Kane

Front of House Managers             Sharyn Saffer

                                                     Stephen Wainrib

Front of House Staff                    Amanda Braun

   Naomi Cherny                               Ashley Curtis

   Jackie Cohen                                Georgie Curtis

   Mimi Cohen                                       Max Curtis

   Melody Curtis                                Steven Curtis    Michelle Karlik                             Georgia Lange

   Liz Rotberg                                     Sam Rotberg

   Jules Salter                                       Raoul Salter

Directed by

Charles Slucki

Chaim Potok’s 1972 bestseller My Name Is Asher Lev has been deftly adapted by Aaron Posner.

Posner reduces the novel to its essential conflicts, yet rather than diluting the impact he effectively intensifies the immediacy of the emotional payoffs.

This drama may attack relatively familiar ideas in a forthright manner, but its effects manage to be both complex and direct, a concise yet deeply satisfying entertainment. It offers a moving and rich experience, along with a generous helping of theatrical guile.

Asher Lev, growing up a “Torah Jew” in postwar Crown Heights, Brooklyn, by the age of 6 in 1952 already has been seized by his Muse, irresistibly driven to draw and to apprehend the world through the prism of his vision. His parents, Aryeh and Rivkeh, refugees from Stalin’s Soviet Union, are devout followers of the unquestioned authority of the Rebbe, and Aryeh is dedicated to a mission of committed responsibility to support and rescue oppressed Russian Jews, consigning him to constant travel for diplomacy, fundraising, building schools and reclaiming shuls. In his absences, Asher and his mother are particularly close, and she can be supportive of his gift even as his father considers it a waste of time, a distraction from study.

Asher paints his own story, tracing his development from preschooler through adolescence to very early critical and popular success by 22, as he must seek his own path to aesthetic apprenticeship and personal expression despite the painful costs to his faith and family, both of which he nonetheless deeply loves. Ultimately he learns that while creativity may be his true religion, who he is as an artist must be inextricably bound up in his identity as a Jew and as his parents’ son, an upholder of contradicting traditions to which he equally belongs.

The pulsing heart of the matter remains the deeply complicated Rivkeh, an intelligent woman who married young to a charismatic man of conviction and causes, so different and yet in so many ways so like their possessed son. Externally, she must navigate her commitments to both men through their irreconcilable conflicts, and within herself she must adapt and survive her inconsolable griefs and frustrated drives for personal fulfillments.

Asher Lev (Adult)                       Joe Tigel

Asher Lev (Child)                         Palmer                                     Manny Rosenberg

Asher Lev (Teen)             Gideon Cohen

Aryeh Lev                                Daniel Fox

Rivkeh Lev                         Michelle Gray

Yitzchok Lev                    Leon Chapman

The Rebbe                       Leon Garfinkel

Jacob Kahn                   Henry Nusbaum

Anna Schaeffer                 Michelle Gray

Rachel                          Amanda Rotberg

Voice                                Leon Chapman

Cello                                         Lexi Kowal