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Directed by Tori Howard
Produced by Niki Saltzman

Solomons’ Secrets focuses on a run-of-the-mill Melbourne family the Solomons, including parents Helen and Clive and their children Josh, Roz, Anna and Jen as they navigate life’s big issues: relationships, fertility, parenthood, ageing, sex, love and death. With humour and pathos the play examines the lengths people go to protect the ones they love and the price we pay for withholding the truth.


The oldest sibling, Josh Solomon, is a music school dropout who has never found his way, that is until he meets Chloe, a woman his sisters distrust. And it seems rightfully so;  Chloe has her own bag of issues and secrets. 


Older sister Roz Solomon is an ambitious doctor who has taken over her father’s medical practise. She is judgmental and opinionated, but displays vulnerability when dealing with her husband Mark’s shady past and the revelation of shocking secrets that change the course of her life.

Anna Solomon and her husband Jake, a lawyer and architect respectively, are childless by choice, in contrast to Jen Solomon the youngest sister, who is on the IVF treadmill, is grappling with a series of miscarriages and is seeing an alternative medicine practitioner who is more quack than qigong.

The sisters are tightly bound but know how to push each other’s buttons.  They share secrets, meals and yoga classes. As well as muddling through their own lives they are fiercely protective of their older brother Josh.

When long-buried secrets emerge, will they unravel the family?