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of being JEWISH



Produced by Niki Saltzman

Directed by Gary Abrahams

AUDITIONS will take place 7.30-9.30pm

Wednesday 28th & Thursday 29th April

Call Backs 11.00am-2.00pm, Sunday 2nd May 2021

Please read below carefully and follow the simple 3 steps to apply for your audition. 

Applications close on Wednesday 28th April 2021

Ray Cohen couldn’t be happier. His daughter, Tara, is to be married to Leo, an Israeli studying for his Ph.D. at Melbourne Uni.  His wife, Rosh, has finally forgiven him for botching the house renovation and the local Rabbi loves Ray’s architectural plans for the new synagogue, a big contract.  Then in walk his prospective in-laws.  Kitty, it turns out, is his ex-girlfriend from 30 years ago, before she converted.  Ray’s been acting like a good Jewish mensch to his wife and daughter forever, so if the secret gets out he’s ruined.  But he has even bigger problems when he discovers the rabbi had a stroke, leaving the congregation in the hands of his rollerblading youngest, BB.  And BB doesn’t like Ray’s plans.  The plans that were going to pay for the over-the-top wedding he’s arranged.  Even worse, Ray has lost his ketubah which means Tara can’t prove she is Jewish, which means she can’t get married.  

His day had started so well…


RAY COHEN -  Jewish husband and father of the bride.  Suitably worried.​ (age range 45-60).

ROSH COHEN - 45-65.  Ray's wife.  Easily exasperated, with good reason.  (age range 45-60).

TARA - Their firebrand daughter who scare them both just a little.  (age range - 20-30).


LEO - The Fiancé.   A professor in the making.  Mild Israeli accent. (age range - 20-30).

KITTY - Leo's mother.  Dignified, if a little fragile.  (age range 45-60).

ILAN - Leo's father.  Charming bon-vivant.  Israeli accent.  (age range 45-60).

BB - The Rabbi's son.  A big kid in tzit-tzit and a black coat.​ (age range - 20-30).

(Note: You don't have to be the age of the characters listed.)


Audition Pack

Click button 1 above, for the audition pack with all the important information you will need.


Audition Form

Click button 2 above, fill in form and email to before

Wednesday 28th April 2021.

Please ensure that you include a headshot photo.


Audition Excerpt

Please download and print out the excerpt/s for yourself (next to appropriate character above).

We don't expect you to learn it off by heart. The familiarity and relationship with the scene is more important than your ability to recite the lines.

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