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6 - 9th March 1988

Written by Yvonne Fein

Directed by Brendan Cohen 

On Edge has five characters ... a Jewish married couple and a non-Jewish man in his late 20s/early 30s and the fathers of the Jewish couple.  The Jewish couple work in the "schmatte" business of the woman's father, with their lives proceeding in a semblance of order but for the intrusion of the non-Jewish man, who completes the triangle.  The play is set in the present in Melbourne and Sydney.
The dramatic focus of the play is on the woman's desire to escape from her lot as a "Jewish princess"  On the one hand the husband in the play wants his wife to look "the part", and yet he mocks her for accepting her role as a "princess".  The play considers what happens when the woman strikes out against her lot.
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