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Polyglot Theatre

Night Train
Written by Sandy McCutcheon
Directed by Eli Erez
Night Train is about a sad and funny character named David, a Holocaust orphan who has grown up in a non-Jewish adoptive family in Melbourne.
The Mighty and The Condemned
Written by Avraham Cykiert
Directed by Brendan Cohen
An astute piece set in the
"Scribes Barracks" at Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1944.  The scribes were inmates, some Jewish, who were charged with the onerous duty of keeping statistics on daily food stocks & body counts.  It chronicles the true story of one of the scribes, a Jewish scientist who has been drafted as a chess partner by the sadistic Nazi doctor Josef Mengele.  Rabbit, the chess player, finds himself in a deadly contest with his tormentor, one that he dare not win, yet for reasons of the heart and soul, one that he dare not lose either.