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Solomons' Secrets AUDITIONS

Directed by Tori Howard

Produced by Niki Saltzman


Auditions will take place on Sunday 14 April 2019.

Please read below carefully and follow the simple 2 steps to apply for an audition.

Applications close on April 11, 2019.



How far would you go to protect the ones you love?


Solomon’s Secrets focuses on the Solomons, a Melbourne Jewish family, as they navigate the big issues: relationships, fertility, parenthood, ageing, sex, love and death. With humour and pathos the play examines the lengths people go to protect the ones they love and the price we pay for withholding the truth.

The siblings are tightly bound but know how to push each other’s buttons.  They share secrets, meals and yoga classes. As well as muddling through their own lives they are fiercely protective of each other as they wade through life’s highs and lows.

When long-buried secrets emerge, will they unravel the family?



Clive - eccentric father of four Clive is a retired GP and volunteer zoo worker who prefers the simplicity of animals over the heightened emotions of his family. (early to mid 70s)


Helen - the mother of the Solomon siblings, struggling with supporting her children while keeping a lid on rumblings from the past.  (early to mid 70s)


 Josh - anxiety-riddled eldest of the Solomon kids, Josh is the so called family loser. Or is he just the most affected by the family secrets? (early 40s)


Anna - the middle sister Anna has a seemingly idyllic life, yet an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy could destablise her relationships. (mid 30s)


 Jen - single, never married and an intense academic Jen is desperate to have a baby and frustrated when her body won’t cooperate, yet others seem to have it so easy (early to mid 30s)


Mark - Roz’s husband Mark is an obstetrician who is plagued by his own secrets and lies. (mid 40s)


Chloe - Roz’s new receptionist and Josh’s girlfriend, Chloe has secrets of her own. (mid 30s)

Yoni - fertility expert and male hair model, Yoni is an insta-famous blogger who is tasked with helping Jen become pregnant. (mid to late 20s)

Jake - Anna’s architect husband (mid 40s)

Mr Kravitz - Roz’s regular hypochondriac patient (late 70s +)

Yoga teacher - tries to teach the sisters yoga despite their chatting (late 20s)

(Note: You don't have to be  the age of the characters listed.)


Audition Pack.

Click button 1 above, for the audition pack with all the important information you will need.

Audition Form.

Click button 2 above, fill in form and email to before April 8 2019 Please ensure that you include a headshot photo.


Audition Excerpt

Please download and print out the excerpt/s for yourself (above next to appropriate character). We don't expect you to learn it off by heart. The familiarity and relationship with the scene is more important than your ability to recite the lines.

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